My first tech talk in GDG SURAT

GDG surat

Hello Everyone

I am Pooja today i am talking about that how was my experienced on first tech talk in @gdgsurat . I have great experienced with this tech talk. first of i want to tell you i have some stage fear. but i tried my best one. Sanjay sir and Mayur sir gave me this opportunity. so first of all thank to sir. they both are organizer of GDG SURAT. so let’s talk about my experienced.

Firstly i worried that how to talk front of them but when sanjay sir announced my name for taking session. i feel some proud on me😁 . then i have started with my introduction in the session. i already prepared my ppt on python + Django because my session topic name is python+Django. i totally explained my ppt and also performed coding (example). actually this is the one dream from my dream list✌. so i was very happy that time. i have completed

✔What is Python

✔Django introduction

✔Django installation

✔how to create project and app.

✔How to connect database in django

if you want watch my session so here is link

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