“ Django “

“So guys today i am going to explain about Django Basic” . so first of all For Django you have clear your knowledge about python. in python you all have at-least known about “ Object Oriented Programming Language” .Then you can easily learn Django okay.

So all have one question that “


Django is Free and Open Source Web Application Framework which is written is Python.It is Collection of Modules that make development easier. “ The official project site describes Django as “a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.”

So i think that now you all clear that “ WHAT IS DJANGO “

Next one is “Why Use Django and Who Use ?”

  • It’s fast and simple
  • It’s secure
  • It suits any web application project
  • It’s well-established


One of Django’s main goals is to simplify work for developers. To do that, the Django framework uses:

  • The principles of rapid development, which means developers can do more than one iteration at a time without starting the whole schedule from scratch;
  • DRY philosophy — Don’t Repeat Yourself — which means developers can reuse existing code and focus on the unique one.


Security is also a high priority for Django. It has one of the best out-of-the-box security systems out there, and it helps developers avoid common security issues, including

  • clickjacking,
  • cross-site scripting,and
  • SQL injection.

Django promptly releases new security patches. It’s usually the first one to respond to vulnerabilities and alert other frameworks.


With Django, you can tackle projects of any size and capacity, whether it’s a simple website or a high-load web application. Why use Django for your project? Because:

  • It’s fully loaded with extras and Scalable, so you can make applications that handle heavy traffic and large volumes of information;
  • It is cross-platform, meaning that your project can be based on Mac, Linux or PC;
  • It works with most major databases and allows using a database that is more suitable in a particular project, or even multiple databases at the same time.


Django uses a component -based “sharing nothing” architecture.Having a clear separation between the different parts means that is can scale for increased traffic.by adding hardware at any level: caching servers, databases servers, or application servers. some of the busiest sites have successfully scaled Django to meet their demands (Instagram and Disqus)


😊Django is time- and crowd-tested. It has a big, supportive community accessed through numerous forums, channels, and dedicated websites. It’s easy to find help when there’s a problematic function in the code, and to find developers if your company is looking to base the next project on Django.

👌Django started off with great documentation, the best of any other open-source framework. And it’s still maintained on a high level, updated along with the new functions and fixes, so you can easily adapt to changes.

✔You can trust that any issues with the framework will be solved as soon as they arise. The software is constantly updated and new packages are released to make working with Django more convenient than it already is.

So now you all must have cleared your doubt.


“ who use Django “

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