Pooja Mishra

When I started my Web-Development journey, getting overwhelmed by so many topics is what I used to face all the time, there is always something new that I have to learn while having no idea about what I should learn. I can assure you must have faced this issue…

Social Authentication Django

It’s hard to trust that Python (1990) was introduced 5 years earlier than Java (1995). At first, it was not popular but as we see, currently, Python is one of the best, easy to learn, and famous worldwide. Python already takes the place for every field. …

GDG surat

Hello Everyone

I am Pooja Mishra.so today i am talking about that how was my experienced on first tech talk in @gdgsurat . I have great experienced with this tech talk. first of i want to tell you i have some stage fear. but i tried my best one. Sanjay…

Django Authentication System

so guys in this Blog I explain about Django authenticate system .


it is very common and required to have a user authentication system to deal with users management and offer resources based on identity. Web Developers can implement authentication system by their own but here two points must…

“ Django “

“So guys today i am going to explain about Django Basic” . so first of all For Django you have clear your knowledge about python. in python you all have at-least known about “ Object Oriented Programming Language” .Then you can easily learn Django okay.

So all have one question…

Pooja Mishra

🙂Passionate developer || Full stack Web developer || Tech speaker || Love to learn something New everyday || Positive Person 😍

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